Health and safety is high on the list of important issues in any workplace, more so when it comes to environments that are rich in dust as a byproduct of production. Increasing the air quality has a number of benefits that range from improved working conditions, less sick time, longer equipment life and reduced accident possibilities, to the prevention of combustible dust buildup that could have an enormous impact on your business and the lives of your employees.


Some of these industries are:
● Timber plants
● Food processing plants
● Paper & Printing
● Plastics
● Mining
● Chemicals
● Welding
● Pharmaceuticals
● Schools (Workshops)
● Foundries


Making sure your existing or new system is suitable and safe is an ongoing concern so we design, manufacture, install and service dust extraction units to the very highest standards. Our years of engineering experience means we are the perfect company to solve any issues and offer custom-made solutions for any out of the ordinary challenges due to location of purpose. If you need to have a repair or new installation of a dust processing unit


please contact us to discuss your requirements.