Plasma Cutting works by having an inert gas blown at high speed. An electrical arc is simultaneously created through and around the gas being blown, forming the plasma. This plasma is hot enough to cut metal very quickly and precisely. We use it to manufacture custom parts for our installations but we are able to provide a full plasma cutting service from design to cutting and even final assembly. Our Auckland based plasma cutting service means low cost manufacturing is an option due to there being no need for custom tooling. The process is especially cost effective for thick metal sheets of up to 12 mm.


Some examples of what we can produce are:
● Metal Brackets
● Auto Panels
● Parts for heavy machinery
● Signs and panels
● Material handling equipment


And much, much more.

Some of the metals we can work on are:

● Hot Rolled Steel
● Cold Rolled Steel
● Aluminum
● Stainless Steel
● Alloy Steel
● Brass
● Bronze
● Copper
● Galvanized Steel


If needed we can assist with the design process, if not we will diligently follow all design specifications. If you need to have questions about our plasma cutting service please contact us to discuss your requirements.